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The different parts of Osteopathy

In Osteopathy we can differentiate between the cranial sacral, structural and visceral Osteopathy. This parts are never separated from each other they are interlinked and during the treatments always respected. 

According to the issues you present with the treatment will be tailored to the individual needs. 

Babies, elderly people, everyBODY is welcome. 



Working on the muscular skeletal system helps to understand how the body is in space. 

Supporting the spine from the head to the pelvic area

Working on the joins (Tennis-elbow, Shoulder issues, hip problems) 

Rock in Sand


Not only the container is important but also the content plays an important role. 

Looking at the function of the stomach, digestive system / elimination

Lung (Asthma, infections)


Liver (help the cleansing as well as after surgery important to look at!)

Rock in Sand
Head Massage


Mostly the cranial part helps to support the whole system, but can also be uses to prepare for the treatment.

Headaches, trauma, chronic ear infection, tinnitus, issues with sleeping, tiredness or chronic fatigue as well as issues with the vision, the treatment of the cranial sphere can help a lot. 

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